What’s happening? A temporary advisory shoulder road striping project on Peacham Road between the Danville School Drive (148 Peacham) and the Town Garage (448 Peacham) will be installed this summer to provide traffic calming, bicycle facilities and pedestrian safety improvements. An advisory shoulder looks like dedicated bike lanes, except a dashed line is used in place of a solid bike lane stripe. These markings give bicyclists and pedestrians space to ride and walk, but are also available to vehicles if space is needed to pass oncoming traffic. Advisory shoulders bring greater awareness to the roadway as a shared space and can help to reduce vehicle speeds and improve roadway safety.

Project Time Frame: Temporary advisory shoulders will be installed on July 15, 2020 and will remain for a 3-month testing period. A full evaluation of the project will be completed in the fall. Design Elements: Two 5’ advisory shoulders and one 14’ center travel lane.

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Project Background: These advisory shoulders create space on Peacham Road for people to walk and bike. It connects the Rail Trail and Town recreation fields to Danville’s Village center. The Town of Danville received approval from the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration to install the advisory shoulders as part of the Village to Village planning study, which included a full safety analysis. Read about it here Danville Activity Center Master Plan

Advisory Shoulder Evaluation Survey: To complete the advisory shoulder pilot study, we need your input! If you are a resident of Danville or use this section of Peacham Road to walk, bike or drive please take a moment to complete this short survey:  Advisory Shoulder Evaluation Survey

All of the information collected, together with traffic counts and speed radar data, will help to inform the Town’s decision-making on permanent installation and assessing the effective use of advisory shoulders on Peacham Road. The end goal is to find a solution that creates safe conditions for all roadway users.

Thank you so much to the community members who contributed time to the pilot study conducting bike/ped counts, observing traffic flow, completing surveys or attending the open house at the Danville Railroad Station this past July. All of your contributions have been incredibly helpful to the project.

Thank you!

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