We’d like to take a moment to thank those that have helped with the landscaping refresh at the Railroad Station this Spring/Summer.

Cuttin’ It Close Landscaping: Jack Beauparlant and crew helped with new hardscaping.

Kingdom Garden Bed: Danielle Lewis built the beautiful new raised garden beds. You can reach her at kingdom.gardenbeds@gmail.com

Perennial Pleasures Nursery: Rachel Kane donated several of our new plants and helped with the initial site walk last fall. giving suggestions/recommendations for plants and layout.

Gena Herrin, student at the Danville School, helped sketch out a landscaping plan, researched plants and materials all to help present the landscaping updates to the selectboard for approval this Spring.

The Danville School Building Trades Class: The students came down to the site last fall (Gena was a student in the class). They took measurements of the building and grounds to assist in the plan making.

Danville Girl Scouts: painted kindness rocks for placement at the station. Feel free to take one and place them up and down the trail for others to find a little kindness throughout the day.

This entire project is supported through a Quick Build for Health Grant awarded to the Town of Danville from the VT Department of Health.