Trails Status: More Sections are OPEN

The trail is open from St. Johnsbury to the Rt 15 bridge in Walden, and again starting in Wolcott to Swanton.  Only the section between Walden and Wolcott remains closed at this time.

There are multiple active work zones along the closed trail. Anyone who attempts to access the closed trail will be turned back by crews in the work zones.

The remaining closure is due to many different types of damage including complete bridge washouts, complete culvert washouts, and severe slope failures that are blocking the trail or have washed out the trail altogether. A total of 103 sites remain damaged and closed. The Agency has hired contractors for 57 of the sites and is working to get the remaining work under contract for repairs soon.

Among the damaged and closed sites, 16 require civil engineering planning and will be long-term projects with repairs that are not likely to be completed until sometime in 2024. The specific timelines will be dependent on materials, contractor availability, and permitting required to complete the projects.

AOT anticipates reopening additional sections of the trail as soon as early 2024.

This webpage will be updated as new sections of trail are reopened.