On October 17th, DuBois and King staff presented the final draft Village to Village Activity Center Master Plan to the Selectboard, members of the Steering Committee and the public.  The report includes a list of key action items that focus on maintaining excitement for the project and bringing new people to the Steering Committee who want to participate.  The “to do list” is designed to be largely low cost, prioritizing projects based on value and impact.  To see the complete report and appendices, go to the Reports and Results section of this site.

The Village to Village Steering Committee wants to thank all of the people who helped our efforts, including local businesses, town officials and volunteers.  But, most of all we want to thank the people who provided us with their thoughts an opinions along the way.  Now that our Plan is complete, the Steering Committee will be looking for new faces to join us as we work hard to complete the tasks outlined in the Master Plan.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want to help!