The Village to Village project is led by a Steering Committee that consists of community members and Better Connections Program Coordinators.  Their role is to work with the Dubois & King team to ensure that this project reflects what the community envisions for the future and to make sure that everyone is heard.

Committee Members:

  • Maxfield English
  • Keith Gadapee
  • Michael Hogue
  • Ken Linsley
  • Pete McAlenney
  • Libby Ratico
  • Sara Stinson
  • Kate Whitehead (chair)
  • Richard Amore, ACCD
  • Jackie Cassino, VTrans
  • Alison Lowe, NVDA

Meeting Minutes/Notes

Kickoff Meeting – 6/20/18
Online Administrative Meeting – 07/09/18
Committee Meeting – 07/27/18

Committee Meeting – 091118

Committee Meeting – 081919