Reimagine the Train Station

Toward the end of 2020, the Select Board asked the Planning Commission to form a committee to develop a use, restoration plan and financing for the Danville Train Station when the recycle center moves to its new location.

The goal: to leverage the completion of the 93 mile Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (LVRT) in the Fall of 2022 to maximize the economic and cultural impact for Danville. The Planning Commission formed the Danville Train Station Committee (DTSC) to build off the 2018-2019 ‘Village to Village’ Master Plan’s vision of the station as a transportation and recreation hub:

Danville Train Station Committee:

Chair: Michael Hogue
Chair Emeritus: Archie Prevost (Engineer, StJ&LC Line)
Building and Land: Sally Fishburn, Co-Chair, Rob Balivet and Ross Meaders
Use: Kate Whitehead. Co-Chair, Patty Conly, Keith Gadapee, Ted Houle, Stan Pekala,
Alison Low and Laural Ruggles
Funding: Kitty Toll, Co-Chair, Tim Ide and Peter Crosby

Partial List of Milestones Achieved to Date:

  • Awarded a Vermont Downtown Transportation Fund grant.  This is a financing tool which assists municipalities in paying for transportation-related capital improvements within or serving a Designated Downtown and eligible Designated Village Centers.
  • Awarded a Vermont Outdoor Recreation Economic Collaborative (VOREC) grant for $97,650 to help establish the train station as a recreation hub.  The funds will allow for ADA compliant restrooms, parking, and an interactive kiosk encouraging visitors to explore local businesses and attractions.
  •  Awarded a Sincerbeaux $250 grant to complete a structural assessment
  • Train Station is added to the State Register of Historic Places and deemed eligible for the National Register
  • Vermont Housing & Conservation Board awards $75,000 for stabilization of the building
  • Green Mountain Power lends its support to the revitalization effort and makes a contribution
  • Celebration of the Station’s 150th birthday brings over 100 people to the station
  • Department of Historic Preservation grant award of $20,000 for preservation of historic architectural elements
  • A $22,000 Municipal Planning Grant was awarded to support architectural and engineering work

Next Actions:

  • Hire an architectural and engineering firm to draw up plans that will be used to hire a building contractor and set the funding level needed. Given the lack of availability of building contractors, tradesman and the cost of materials, restoration of the station may not commence until 2023.
  • Continue targeting appropriate grant resources
  • Determine the best use for the freight area that supports the trail and recreational activity
  • Develop a plan for parking

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