Reimagine the Train Station

In 2018, visioning, surveys and Open House Event at the Train Station. Danville residents were invited to “Reimagine the Train Station” to repurpose the station in a way that fits the community’s needs and desires supported by a grant from the Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC) and Better Connections program.

A Quick Build for Health Grant in June 2019 supported installation of outdoor trail amenities at the Train Station (bike repair station, water access, planters, bike racks).  By October 2019,  a Better Connections “Village to Village” Activity Master Plan is completed for the Route 2/LVRT corridor connecting Danville Village to West Danville, which envisions the Station as a transportation hub.

In late 2020, the Danville Select Board asked the Planning Commission to form a Planning Commission formed the Danville Train Station Committee (DTSC) to build off the 2018-2019 ‘Village to Village’ Master Plan’s vision of the station as a transportation and recreation hub.

The goal: to leverage the completion of the 93 mile Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (LVRT) in the Spring of 2023 to maximize the economic and cultural impact for Danville.

Danville Train Station Committee:

Chair: Michael Hogue
Emeritus: Archie Prevost (Engineer, StJ&LC Line)
Building and Land: Sally Fishburn, Co-Chair, Rob Balivet and Ross Meaders
Use: Kate Whitehead. Co-Chair, Patty Conly, Keith Gadapee, Ted Houle, Stan Pekala, Alison Low and Laural Ruggles
Funding: Kitty Toll, Co-Chair, Tim Ide and Peter Crosby