Let’s get moving! (June-July) – Done!

We are just beginning the project and looking forward to engaging with all of you.

It’s time to Listen (August) – Done!

The Danville Fair is a great opportunity for us to connect with all of you, talk about your experiences with the LVRT and find out what you value most in Danville.

How did we do?  You can find out by looking at our news post titled “A Great Day at the Fair.”

Let’s find opportunities (August-October) –  Done!

Our consulting team will be looking at Danville and how it connects to the LVRT, as well as the greater Danville area. Dubois & King, Inc. will look for opportunities to improve safety and enhance connections between Danville’s assets. At the same time, their partner Camoin, Associates, will consider economic opportunities.

What’s the Result?  Go to the Reports & Results Page to find out!

It’s time to Imagine (October) –  Done!

The Danville train station building is in the perfect location to be a key part of our improved connection with the LVRT. Join us and tell us what you think it should look like and how it should be used.

What’s the Result?  Go to the Reports & Results Page to find out!

Getting down to business (October-March) – UNDER WAY!

Our consultant is hard at work outlining potential corridor improvements and a wayfinding and marketing plan.

Testing the ideas (April – May)

With help from the school, we will test key elements of the wayfinding plan to see if they are effective, we’ll be looking to you for your thoughts on how well they work!

Putting it on paper (May – July)

Our consultant has collected all of the input from the community and is pulling it together into the Plan that we’ll use for future investments and marketing.

Show and tell (July – August)

The draft is complete, and now it’s time for you to give your us your thoughts.