What’s happening? A temporary advisory shoulder road striping project on Peacham Road between the Danville School Drive (148 Peacham) and the Town Garage (448 Peacham) will be installed this summer to provide traffic calming, bicycle facilities and pedestrian safety improvements. An advisory shoulder looks like dedicated bike lanes, except a dashed line is used in place of a solid bike lane stripe. These markings give bicyclists and pedestrians space
to ride and walk, but are also available to vehicles if space is needed to pass oncoming traffic. Advisory shoulders bring greater awareness to the roadway as a shared space and can help to reduce vehicle speeds and improve roadway safety.

Project Time Frame: Temporary advisory shoulders will be installed on July 13, 2020 and will remain for a 3-month testing period. A full evaluation of the project will be completed in the fall. Design Elements: Two 5’ advisory shoulders and one 14’ center travel lane.

When you drive:

  • Drive as you would on any road without a center stripe; staying to the right of oncoming traffic. Even though the travel area for cars is narrow, it is still a 2-way street.
  • If a bicyclist or pedestrian is in the advisory shoulder, move to the left, fully into the center lane to pass.
  • If there is oncoming traffic in the center lane, hang back behind the bicyclist or pedestrian until it is safe to pass.
  • When passing, leave at least 3 feet of distance between you and the bicyclist or pedestrian.

When you bike:

  • Watch for vehicles driving in or merging into the advisory shoulder.
  • Always use caution and assume that turning or merging vehicles may not see you.
  • When leaving the advisory shoulder (such as to make a left turn) look behind you and signal your intentions.

Contact: Kate Whitehead,

This project is funded through a Quick Build for Health Grant from the Vermont Department of Health.

Download the Public Notice Here