2019 Activity Center Master Plan and Appendices

Our consultant has completed the Village to Village Master Plan.  This draft was formally presented to the community at the October 17, 2019 of the Danville Selectboard.

Thank you to everyone who was involved with the Village to Village Activity Center Master Planning Project.  There will be more opportunities to participate in the project in the future as we implement the Plan.

Reimagine the Train Station

Following the Re-imagine the Train Station event, Vermont Integrated Architecture (part of our consulting team), develop draft conceptual designs for the Steering Committee to consider.  The purpose of these designs was to provide a tool that would help the community visualize what could be done with the building.   The final draft of conceptual designs and an assessment of potential costs are available for download below.

2019-02-07 Danville Train Station Total Project Budget – Conceptual

Danville_Conceptual_Design Option2_REVISED_2019-01-07