The Dubois & King team (with help from their partner Camoin, Associates), has wrapped up their economic analysis of Danville.  This portion of the Village to Village project is intended to identify opportunities and actions that the community can take to strengthen the local economy and its connection to the LVRT.  Findings include:

  • There is Great Pride in Danville: An overwhelming theme through the interviews conducted during the economic analysis was that the people who live and work in Danville are proud of their community.
  • The Town is Easy to Work With: In some communities, the ability to work with a town on issues related to permitting, site review, or the development process can be challenging, which hinders projects and limits investments. However, in Danville it was made clear that the process of working with the Town is simple and straightforward.
  • The Recreation Industry is Seen as an Opportunity: Building on the recreation opportunities in Danville was identified as an opportunity by many of the stakeholders interviewed during the economic analysis.
  • There is new Energy and New Ideas in Danville: While the data suggests that the population in Danville (like most of Vermont) is aging, it is clear that there are new residents moving to town that are bringing energy ato the community.
  • Safety, Signage, and Parking need work: Issues related to safety and signage came up throughout the interviews both in terms of attracting people to town (signs on the LVRT but also on the roadway) and safety related to speed of traffic.
  • The Historic Train Station on Peacham Rd. is an Opportunity: The historic train depot was discussed as having the potential for more than just its current use as the recycling center. Opportunities
  • Danville Has Great Access to Business Support: The Northeastern Vermont Development Association (NVDA) has a robust suite of programs available to support businesses, including a revolving loan fund, industrial parks, and the ability to assist businesses with their use of statewide programs.

To Download the full report go to the Reports & Results Page.