In October we asked folks to provide their thoughts on how the Community could use the Danville Train Station, which is a town-owned property.  The open house event was well-attended and attendees gave us some valuable input.  Following the event, Vermont Integrated Architecture (part of the D&K consultant team) took what they heard and created several conceptual layouts for the Steering Committee to consider.  The purpose of this exercise was to provide folks with something tangible to consider when talking about future uses of the Train Station.  A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words.  In addition to a conceptual layout and design of the Station with some ideas for future uses, VIA provided rough cost estimates to bring the station up to standard for a public use building.  These estimates, although conceptual in nature, will help the Town understand what kind of investment should be planned for if there is interest in using the Station in new ways.

To see the results, go over to the Reports & Results page of our web site.