It was chilly and damp on Saturday the 27th at the Danville Train Station, but that didn’t dampen people’s interest in our “Re-Imagine the Train Station” event!  Between 10:00am-2:00pm, roughly 30 people visited with Steering Committee members to talk about their wishes for the future of the Train Station.

As part of the Village to Village project, the Steering Committee is exploring ways to re-purpose this space in a way that fits the needs and desires of the community.  On Saturday we asked visitors questions like “what’s next for the Train Station?” and “the Train Station is a place for?…..”

The responses we received were excellent and much appreciated.  Visitors overwhelmingly supported the idea of restoring the Station building and using it as an economic asset, particularly as it relates to the LVRT and the Village.  People suggested that it could be a great location for a cafe’, restaurant or community event space.  They saw the benefit it could offer to Trail users if it could provide a place to get water and had restrooms.  Further, everyone noted the historic value of the building. The Committee was particularly grateful to have Patty Conly, President of the Danville Historical Society attend the event. Patty brought a very interesting display of Train Station history for all to look at.

Within the next six weeks, Dubois & King and their partner Vermont Integrated Architecture, will present the Steering Committee with sketches of what the Train Station could be for the community.