One of the key questions we hope to answer as part of the Village to Village project, is WHO is using the trail, HOW are they using it and WHERE are they stopping in Danville when they use the trail.  To get these answers, we have developed a survey for users of the trail.  Whether you’re a year-round, longtime resident, or a first time visitor, we would appreciate your input.  Understanding these details will help us develop a Master Plan that identifies the steps Danville can take in the future to maximize the value of the Rail Trail to the community, and make the Danville segment of the LVRT the best it can be!

Volunteers will be on the Rail Trail several times during the coming months and will be handing out surveys in person.  If you’d rather take it on your own time, feel free to go to the Take Our Survey page of this site and take the survey today!

Trail users took the time to fill out our survey at the Danville Fair! Thank you!